Council meeting in December

Members of the Council were informed about the changes in the project and introduced to the Centre’s operation plan for next year.

14. 12. 2020

The December meeting of the NCC for MATCA’s Council on 14 December 2020 was looking back at the major changes introduced in the second half of the year. The Centre’s new manager Mr. Jetmar first spoke of the personnel changes that have been made.

The next part of the meeting was devoted to discussing the possibility of extending the Centre’s operation until the end of 2022. This had to do with several running projects where the Council had to decide whether or not they will be extended until next year.

Subsequently, the implemented sub-projects were summed up and presented by, among others, their main investigators. The members of the Council and the President of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA ČR) Mr. Konvalinka expressed their satisfaction with the high-quality standard of the sub-projects.