The mission of the National Centre of Competence (NCC) for MATCA is to provide leading-edge technology solutions regardless of the complexity of an assignment – from sudden production problems to long-standing societal challenges. For this purpose, the consortium brings together top experts from industry and academia that make use of their broad experimental and production backgrounds to provide unconventional and innovative solutions. Their solutions are implemented as joint projects or joint services.

We develop: 3D printing, plasma, lasers, surface treatment, simulations, analysis, digitalization.

The Centre primarily develops additive, plasma and laser technologies that have a major impact on industry, economy and security, therefore mastering and developing the technologies are matters of strategic importance.

As part of its long-term R&D projects, the NCC for MATCA covers the whole product life cycle – from smart design and green production, to the repairs and restoration of functional properties and hazardous waste disposal.

We cover the whole product life cycle from smart design to hazardous waste disposal. (Image description)

Along with research, development and service provision, the NCC for MATCA is involved in raising awareness and providing training to students and the general public.

Important events

The second Phase NCC MATCA – NCC 2
MATCA enters into the second phase.
2022 TACR Awards
NCK MATCA wins the Partnership category
Tapping on the cornerstone of the emerging Brain4Industry Innovation Centre
On 7.8. 2022 in Dolní Břežany we tapped the cornerstone of the emerging Brain4Industry Innovation Centre, which we were also at its root.
Council meeting in October
The General Manager notified the members of the Council of the NCC’s 2nd tender and of the latest topics to be dealt with by the Centre.

Other events