The services of the NCC for MATCA are built on systemic approach, deep knowledge and large experimental and production capacities. Specific collaborations are tailor-made for each customer, whether it is a one-off contract, a contractual research or a joint grant project.

Measurements and testing

The ability to analyse parts, samples or any input material is a key prerequisite not only for efficient research work, but also for a reliable production process and the identification of causes if any problems occur.

Protective layer analysis following a destructive test of mechanical properties.

Custom 3D printing

Are conventional manufacturing processes holding you back from achieving shorter delivery times or complex geometries?  Whether it is plastics, metals or composites, 3D printing is here for you.

Topological optimization

Topological optimization enables us to achieve a more efficient use of material under mechanical load and use it only where you really needed it.

Rapid prototyping

Do you want to try how a part on paper will work in practice? Rapid prototyping will deliver you your part even today.

Analysis of 3D printing powders

An analysis of 3D printing powders is a must in the case of new materials or suppliers and a welcome standard for maintaining high-quality production.

Virtual modelling

Numerical simulations allow us to make virtual models of parts, assemblies and production processes. They enable the optimization of usable properties or the prevention of failures in operation.

Developing and preparing surface treatments

The development of surface treatments, apparatuses and technologies for material deposition and surface pre-conditioning enables us to create coatings with special or even completely unique properties.

Diagnostics of production process

Correct diagnosis of a production process or the determination of part failures enables us to take a quick remedial action, to make targeted innovations or maintain business relationships.

Proposing and manufacturing optical assemblies

We offer the design and implementation of optical sources and assemblies, or related consultations, whether it is for conventional, laser or quantum optics.

Need help?

A number of services we provide is not listed; it is either because we lacked space or for confidentiality reasons. Don’t hesitate to contact us whenever you need help with innovations or problems in production, so that a solution can begin to take shape any time soon.