B4I Opening

On Wednesday, July 12, the doors of the new Brain4Industry Innovation Centre building in Dolní Břežany were opened.

Meeting in July of the Council and General meeting

This year’s 1st meeting of the NCC 2 MATCA Center Council and the General Meeting took place online on 10 July and 11 July 2023.

NCC MATCA will contribute to the further development of the sensory area – it has received funds from the National Recovery Plan

To develop new sensors for industrial applications that can be used primarily in the areas of water, foundry and materials engineering, these are the goals of another NCC MATCA project called Sensorika for the 21st century.

The second Phase NCC MATCA – NCC 2

MATCA enters into the second phase.

2022 TACR Awards

NCK MATCA wins the Partnership category

Tapping on the cornerstone of the emerging Brain4Industry Innovation Centre

On 7.8. 2022 in Dolní Břežany we tapped the cornerstone of the emerging Brain4Industry Innovation Centre, which we were also at its root.

Council meeting in October

The General Manager notified the members of the Council of the NCC’s 2nd tender and of the latest topics to be dealt with by the Centre.

General Meeting in June

The General Manager gave the members of the General Meeting (GM) a brief report on the activities of the Centre for last year, and introduced an extended vision of the its activities and public relations in the foreseeable future.

Council meeting in June

The General Manager informed the Council members of the extended vision of the Centre’s activities and its public relations.

NCC for MATCA collecting samples in public transport network

A research team from the NCC for MATCA has developed a biosensor for the detection of coronavirus from air samples.