Direct Light Processing (DLP)

The technology uses selective hardening of a part of a photopolymer bath, using a UV radiation source located below an LCD display which shields the exposed layer to create a desired shape. The hardening process goes layer-by-layer. This printing method is used for very detailed designs, with a very high surface quality and dimensional precision which is higher than that of FDM technologies.

Průša SL1

A DLP based printer can print products with high-quality surface, high level of detail and minimum manufacturing waste. As one of a few printers, it can print from transparent (but matte) materials.

Product examples:

Technical parameters

Building space 150 × 68 × 120 mm
Layer thickness 0,025 – 0,1 mm
Available materials hard resins different colours
  casting resin different colours
  flexible resin different colours

Schematic images of 3D printing technologies are used with the permission of Prof. Steffen Ritter.